Earsightmusic Training Workshops

At Earsightmusic we have a workshop for everyone no matter their level of experience and interaction with live or studio sound.

Each workshop is designed with focus on the practical application of all theory that is introduced to participants. All workshop participants will receive printed handouts, digital handouts and be invited to a closed online support group where they will continue to receive learning resources and be able to interact with other workshop participants.

Participants on the Signal Flow and Clear Stage workshops (only), will receive starter kits that include tools for the trade. These participants will also have the opportunity to work with the Earsightmusic team at live events. All participants, will, however, be welcomed to visit and observe at events that the Earsightmusic team or engineers are working on. Proficient participants will be considered to join the ESM Team.

Below is a brief outline of the workshops that we facilitate.

Live Sound Engineering Basics 

This is a one (1) day live sound engineering workshop that covers basic elements of sound engineering such as Equipment types, usage and Mixing Principles.

Headroom - Live Sound Engineer Training (Level 1)*

This two (2) day workshop takes participants into the concepts of live sound as well as the methods and practices of the live sound engineer. 

Signal Flow - Live Sound Engineer Training (Level 2)*

Signal Flow is an advanced sound engineering workshop for those who are interested in improving their knowledge and skill in live sound. The workshop is delivered over three (3) weeks. 

Clear Stage - Live Sound Engineer Training (Level 3)

Clear Stage to Clear Stage is to date our most detailed workshop designed for those who are serious about taking their knowledge of live sound engineering to a professional level. Participants will explore live sound concepts, live sound engineering practices as well as equipment selection, efficient usage and trade secrets. This workshop is delivered over three months with handouts and a mini tool kit for each participant.

Focus Modules - One (1) Day Intensives

ESM will host one (1) day intensives on the first Saturday of each month*. These workshops will focus on one (1) module for each session and are designed for anyone wanting more information on a specific topic or in need of a refresher.

* Headroom - Live Sound Engineer Training (Level 1), Signal Flow - Live Sound Engineer Training (Level 1) and Focus Modules - One Day Intensives are currently being offered throughout the Caribbean and can be booked for private groups of six (6) to twenty (20) persons. 

Workshop Bookings

Use the first link below to register your individual place on an advertised workshop. Alternatively you can use the second link to request a tailored/ private training workshop for your team or organisation..  

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Contact Us

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email: suport@earsightmusic.com  

call/ whatsapp (UK/ Europe): +44 793 484 2420

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