Earsightmusic Services
Our clients are our keys. Without them we would not exist. It is of great importance that the services and systems we supply meet our their specific needs and requirements. The efficient delivery of their goal/ vision is our primary concern and the guiding principle for this first stage of our service. 
The first step of our service is free consultation. We request a brief for your installation or event and provide the forethought needed to see their vision to it’s best outcome. We match the client’s desired outcome to their  budget to determine the available options.  available to them matched to their budget, requirement, use and possible challenges for their event or installation. 
Sound System Design and Supply
At earsightmusic we believe in efficiency. Efficiency in part is about keeping your overall cost for production down, or providing the correct systems to cover your venue for a one-off event, or a more permanent installation. We will supply the systems that meets your needs, nothing less, and not too much more.
Live Sound Engineering -Front of House/ Monitor Mixing / Multi-track Recording
We believe every event should be more than an event, but an experience for all that attend. We work toward providing the Front of House mix that ensures patrons have an awe-inspiring experience. In order to deliver world class experiences we understand that artistes need to clearly hear themselves and each other, so a clean appropriate monitoring environment is another key point of the live experience. Whether it be for the promoter or bands that we manage or work with, we provide the stage presence that gives the start of awesome experiences.
Broadcast Engineering - Live Stream Mixing / Recording 
Our clients include media houses that require a live stream of their events. We create and supply the appropriate mix to share the full event experience to your remote audience be it a live online, radio or television audience or a recording to be broadcast at a later time. 
Sound Location Recording
Getting a clean mix of on location sound for film or television broadcast is a crucial part of the success of any television or film production. Our team are well equipped to capture the sound that conveys the environment that directors and production crews require for top notch film production.
Post Production Mixing for Film 
The specific methodology and techniques required to provide an effective sound mix to bring life to your film or digital production is in our hands. Provide a brief, and we will bring you all that is required to make your production live.
Studio Engineering/ Studio Mixing
A great percentage of our clients are live as well as recording artists. Our engineers can provide engineering services for all studio based activities from writing, recording or tracking sessions, to mix engineering. We are happy to recommend the studio that is appropriate for your project, the sound you are interested in achieving and you budget. 
Event Design and Planning/ Event Management/ Stage Management/ Logistics and Resource Management
Whether you have an idea in principle or you just need stage management only we can provide the right team for you. We can deliver the full package that takes your idea , develops it, explores the available options and executes, or take a specific portion and deliver only that service.
System Design, Installation Management and Maintenance - Sound/ Lighting/ Audio Visual 
As each venue is different, so to the combination of activities that occur within them. This means that each venue will need equipment unique to its physical attributes as well as the regular activities it houses. We can supply and install system solutions for Front of House, Stage Monitoring, Communication (wired and wireless), Public Address, Lighting and Audio Visual. 
Give us a call for your free consultation today and let us help you achieve your best.