The Company Earsightmusic

Earsightmusic is a company of professionals that was birthed in the United Kingdom. It was forged with the concept of the unforgettable experiences that can be encountered with any great art from musical and theatrical performances to poetry, art and conference gatherings. The team at Earsightmusic prides ourselves in our professionalism and we show it in our conduct. The Health and Safety of our staff as well as patrons to our events and the general public is of key importance to us.

As registered members of the Production Suppliers Association (UK) and the Audio Engineering Society  as a measure of our committment to quality service. We employ work processes allowing us provide the backbone that is required to make any vision reality. We have provided sound engineering support for a wide variety of events from rock shows and classical concerts to spoken word events and live chamber orchestral recordings. We have supplied sound reinforcement in the quaint performance spaces of Soho and Shoreditch London as well as the extravagant uber exclusive vennues of Mayfair and Chelsea.


Training and Workshops

We aim to provide the best truly complete comprehensive support for all of our clients. Our passion is on our sleeves. Earsightmusic also provide training and refresher workshops for in house staff and crew as well as external training for clients. Our connections with multiple manufacturers in the industry afford us access to specific training on equipment from consoles and outboard gear to speaker and microphones.



To many of our clients we are charged with the responsibility of negotiations managing their events, from the supply of staff and crew, to sound, lighting and multimedia equipment One such example is Premier Radio and their week-long promotional events.


Artist management

In addition to corporate clients, we supply services to musical artists and bands. This extends to tour planning and general management. For these clients we manage the logistics for their events and bookings. We also, as part of the package, coordinate band and ancillary staff travel, accommodation and other related activities.



We have recorded a plethora of artists and toured with as many. We have worked with a number of studios to record and mix songs and albums for a number of our artists. 


Live, Broadcast and Film

At Earsightmusic our services extend to facilitate engineering for Live Shows, Broadcasts, as well as Film Applications. This includes the supply of Front of House Sound Engineers, Monitor Mix Engineers, Recording Engineers, Post Production Mix Engineers, Location Recordists, and Broadcast Mix Engineers.



Earsightmusic also provides consultation for installation and servicing of existing sound reinforcement. We have provided upgrades, repairs and installations for Houses of Worship around the United Kingdom as well as renowned venues such as Harrods. We have supply sound

reinforcement for large venues as well as public address and music systems for retail environments such as department stores, restaurants and hair-dressers. We have supplied very specific custom systems for clients such as Lime House studios and Harrods.


Event Management, Venues, Clients

At Earsightmusic we have been responsible for planning and executing event production and ancillary logistics for events such as live album concert recordings and live concerts. This has taken us to numerous world class venues such as Hard Rock Cave (London), The O2 Arena, Wembley Arena, Queen Elisabeth II Conference Centre, Fairfield Halls Croydon, The Gaumont State Theatre Kilburn, The Hippodrome, Purcell Rooms, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, and ExCel London just to name a few. We have facilitated clients such as The Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Gloria Gainor, Bonnie Tyler, Tre Songz, Kirk Franklin, Shirley Ceaser and Courtney Pine. 

We also worked with charities and organisations such as: Harrods, The Mayor of London office, London Metropolitan Black Police Association, Premier Media Group, London Ealing Council, London Waltham Forest Council, Dominica High Commission London, and St Lucia High Commission London. Some of our regular events include: The Ealing Jazz Festival, Waltham Forrest Summer Festivals, Notting Hill Carnival, Festival of Life, Voices from Zion, Waltham Forrest Black History Month, Armed Forces Day, Remembrance Day.

Get in touch today, we look forward to supporting you in bringing your vision alive.