About Earsightmusic

Earsightmusic has been, from conception, driven by excellence in production whether for a live environment, in the studio, installation or any other application. We are a team of professionals connected and driven by our high calibre work. Our ethos is 'defeating mediocrity'.

While the genesis of our company saw a focus on sound for live and studio applications, we soon expanded into other aspects of event production, swiftly followed by event management and other elements of production and development. 

We currently supply a host of comprehensive full-service solutions for all events ranging from event design, management and execution to production training and workshops. Our focus is ensure our clients' events are of an exceptionally high standard in all elements. Our experienced personnel work the world over facilitating a wide range of events and clients.

We are ready, willing and equipped to support your event to envisioned success.

Contact us on info@earsightmusic.com with any queries or fill our booking form for a quotation.

N.B. - Workshop participants can e-mail us on support@earsightmusic.comfor any queries.